Release: Chrome Extension v0.0.4

Today we're releasing v0.0.4 of Point. While it was mostly a cleanup/bugfix release, we've got a couple cool things for you:

Open Multiple Points

As requested: ⌘ + click (mac) or ctrl + click (windows) on points in the inbox to open multiple points in new tabs.

Tab Notifications

When new messages come in on a Point chat, but you aren't currently viewing that tab, you'll see the title of that tab flash with a "New message..." notification

Tab Notification

Point Pictures

Since this is a slim release, we thought it would be a good time to explain an older addition to point. To add a picture to a point, right click on it and select Point!

Point images by right clicking them.

As always, just mention @Point Team on any point if you have any comments, questions, feedback, or bugs to report. Thanks!