A Spring Update from Point

At Point HQ, we're turning our focus to getting the mobile app to you as soon as we can. It's starting to come together nicely.

In the meantime, you'll be able to stay up to date with Point on the go with email notifications.

Part of Point's mission has always been to declutter email inboxes, so we were careful to keep these emails from getting annoying. These will only send if you haven't read a point after a period of time. Additionally, comments and friend activity will bundle together in a neat digest, so you won't receive a barrage of emails.


If you want to opt out of these notfications, click the link at the bottom of the email, or manage them at getpoint.co/settings.

We also made it easier to invite your Gmail contacts to Point (if you're authenticated with Gmail). Check out our new friends page here: getpoint.co/friends.