iPhone app, Search and a Better Desktop Experience

We’re publicly releasing a new iPhone app, the ability to search through points, and a streamlined new look!

The Point iOS app

Point is now the best way to share and discuss content wherever you are. Send points from many of the apps you already use, including Safari, Twitter, NYTimes, and more. Conversations sync between your extension and app so you can send, quote, and chat on the go. You can get the app here. app icons

Some of the apps Point works in.

Search — the fastest way to
find your stuff

Looking for an point from a while ago? Find it with the new point search. Want to see all the YouTube cat videos you and your friend Matt share? Search “@matt youtube cats.” The possibilities are endless. search

Chrome Extension Improvements

Point is now bigger, better, and easier to use. This includes a couple notable improvements: A small point button appears in the bottom corner of any page. (You can still use the @ hotkey if you would prefer, and you can disable the button in settings.) search

You can also now point to yourself. This is especially great for saving links for later, or saving links on one device to view them on another.

Let us know what you think!

p.s If you're a fan of Product Hunt, we’re releasing our new iPhone app there today. Check us out!