New Year. New Look.

To start 2015 right, we’re releasing a few awesome changes to your Point inbox.

Reply more quickly!

When you receive new messages in a point you’ve already seen, you’ll see a preview of them, right in your Point inbox. From here you can reply quickly without having to re-open the page.

Quick Reply

You can also open the entire point thread from the inbox to view conversations and highlights without revisiting the page over-and-over.


Non-US keyboards rejoice!

For anyone who wasn’t able to use the ‘@’ shortcut to trigger a point — this should now work. If you have a non-US keyboard and this still isn’t working, please let us know.

Test our iPhone app!

We’re almost ready with a beta version of the Point iPhone app. In a few weeks we’ll be testing it with the first 200 people who submit their email here.

As always, send us questions, comments, and bugs by pointing @Point Team, tweeting at us, or emailing!