Point News, Sound FX, and Quicker Pointing!

The last month has been very busy at Point. After a successful release on Product Hunt, our team moved to New York City, began work on our highly anticipated iPhone app, and continued to improve our Chrome extension.

Ashwinn in A Box

After the move, there was one last box to unpack.

Today we're releasing a couple small but impactful improvements to our extension:

Sound effects.

If you receive a message on a point that isn't open, you'll hear a nice little blip to alert you.

You can disable this sound from your inbox by clicking on "settings".

Frequently-pointed friends show up at the top of your friends list!

Prioritized Friends

This means you can send a page to your best friend in two quick keystrokes.

Additionally, we've made points load faster and fixed a couple issues related to the newly-released Chrome 37. As always, send us questions, comments, and bugs by pointing @Point Team, tweeting at us, or emailing!