Point a picture!

We've been hard at work on Point. And, although a lot of our recent work has been under-the-hood, we do have one awesome feature to announce.

Point Pictures

You can now easily point pictures! Feel free to try it on this picture of a cat playing jenga.

Cat Playing Jenga

source: giphy.com

But, why isn't it working on every picture?

The Point button appears when over what Point thinks is a content-centric image. A picture in an article will have the point button, but an advertisement or thumbnail for a related story will not. You can still point these images by right clicking on them!

I installed Point during a closed beta. Can I get my friends on Point?

Of course! Click the friends tab in the Point inbox to get a link you can share with friends.

As always, mention @Point Team from any point with any questions, suggestions, or bugs!