@Email your friends via Point!

For the past few weeks we’ve been working on giving you a better way to share articles with friends who aren’t on Point (while also giving them a chance to experience and install Point themselves!).

Today we’re excited to introduce the ability to point pages directly to your email contacts.

First, mention an email contact from any point:

Point to an Email

Your friend will get an email like this: Sample Email

Even if your friend doesn't install Point (crazy...I know), they can still read the article, in addition to messages and highlights from anyone in the point.

To try this out, just start typing the name of an email contact after the @ sign. If you don’t see their name in the autocomplete, make sure you’ve added your Gmail account, which you can do from the friends tab.

As always, send us questions, comments, and bugs by pointing @Point Team, tweeting at us, or emailing!