Product Hunt: A Love Letter

Dear Product Hunt,

We'll say this in no uncertain terms: We love you. Yesterday, Point became the most upvoted product ever posted on Product Hunt. This morning, we exceeded 500 upvotes.

The improbability of this might not be apparent at first. We are a team of three who, for most of our time together, worked out of a dark basement in the bustling startup hub of Audubon, PA. (No disrespect to Audubon. It's where we went to high school.)

Audubon, PA

Before Product Hunt, getting the amount of inbound interest, feedback, and general daps we received yesterday would have been inconceivable.

We received points, emails, and tweets, from tons of excited users!

People loved our onboarding!

Blog post on this coming later.

People in Germany, France, and Belgium were quick to notify us that Point didn't work on foreign keyboards.


Most importantly, we had thoughtful interactions with tech veterans.

Ph Comment

We had tried emailing these people in the past, but our emails went largely unnoticed. Getting exposure on Product Hunt brought established members of the tech community into the discussion, and exposed us to their opinions and experience in a much more effective way than our unsolicited emails.

Despite being first time founders, being located outside of the Valley, and not having the connections of other tech people, Product Hunt let us start proving ourselves on the quality of our product, idea, and execution.

So thanks Product Hunt.

Ryan and co., we owe you drinks. We had a ton of fun yesterday.

The Point Team